Exploring Canada: Pinery Provincial Park

August 16, 2020

Mood Circa 2019: Let’s travel the world!!!

Mood Circa 2020: Let’s explore the beautiful country that we live in!

Which is exactly what I did last week while I was on vacation from my day job. With my week off, I took day trips to the unexplored beaches of the Marmora and Lake areas, visited The Gut Conservation, took a day trip to Muskoka with my mom, and visited the stunning Pinery Provincial Park, which is my go-to getaway when I want to de-stress and unwind.

Pinery Provincial Park boasts 10 km of sand beach on the shores of Lake Huron. It is 6, 330 acres in size and it is the largest protected forest in Southwestern, Ontario. On top of its 10kn of ocean- blue beaches (some one which is dog-friendly), Pinery Provincial Park has 10 nature trails and a 14km bike trail.

Beautiful Blue Waters of Lake Huron

While there are 10 beautiful trails to choose from, here are my top 5:

  1. Cedar (2.3 km + 0.83km to the lookout)
  2. Wilderness (2.6 km)
  3. Bittersweet (1.2 km)
  4. Hickory (0.9 km)
  5. Heritage (2.5km)

These are my ranks based on views and length, as well as ease of trail. What was great too, is that when you get there really early, the park isn’t overly busy just yet. Which is key in this covid-era. The downside to the park currently is that the boat and bike rentals have been shut down, for obvious reasons. When rentals open back up, I highly recommend renting a canoe and exploring the Old Ausible Channel. You will experience a great adventure with breathtaking views!

Over the 10 days that I was on vacation, I was reminded of a few things:

  1. You don’t need to go somewhere tropical to get away. Canada has so many beautiful, naturescapes that are so worthy of exploration.
  2. A little time in nature does the body and the mind a lot of good. It is so healing to be able to ground yourself in nature surrounded by forests and water.
  3. Everyone needs a break every now and the, and shouldn’t be afraid to take it. Stress is such a huge factor in many of the health problems we encounter day to day. We owe it to ourselves to make sure that we are happy and healthy.
Old Ausible Channel

Pinery tops the list of my favourite places I’ve visited so far, it keeps drawing me back. Followed closely by Tobermory… which I will do a post on next time I visit! I’m thinking of making this Exploring Canada a post series in the future… what do you think?

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