5 Simple Eco-Friendly Swaps in Your Daily Life

When I started my journey to become more eco-friendly, I found it simple to start with these 5 swaps for everyday items. 

1. Bring your reusable bag to the grocery store.

It is so unnecessary this day and age to purchase (5 cents per bag still adds up) a plastic bag at the grocery store. Store your reusable bags in your trunk so you have them for each and every trip to the grocery store! 

2. Use a reusable travel mug for tea or coffee. 

This one is also very simple. I purchased a reusable mug about 5 years ago and I bring it with me literally every where I go. Ya girl drinks A LOT of coffee so this one was huge for me. My reusable mug selection has since grown but I keep one in my bag and my car for all of the random coffee stops I sometimes (re: always) make. 

3. Use a stainless steel straw instead of paper or plastic.

This one is so obviously simple. Those of us who are environmentally conscious cringe every time we see a plastic straw. But for those of you who may not have jumped on the "save the turtle" train yet, hear me out. Stainless steel straws come in a pack of 4 (usually) with a cleaner and are super convenient to carry in your bag. Although you may feel like you're only 1 person, the act of bringing your own reusable straw has amazing effects on the environment. Trust me. 

4. Bring your own reusable cutlery

This one is along the lines of the reusable straw but a little more difficult to get into the habit of. When we get fast food or pick up something from the salad bar, it seems like it is second nature to grab the plastic utensils. Bringing your own utensils saves 40 billion plastic utensils from entering the landfills or oceans each year. 

5. Using beeswax or silicone wraps for your food instead of plastic wrap

Plastic wrap is wasteful to both the environment and your wallet. It is a product that really can only be used once before it is thrown into the trash. Save yourself some $ by using wraps that can be reused over and over again. The earth and your wallet will thank you. 

These 5 swaps are super simple. They will become more natural the longer you practice them until you realize there really is no other way! 

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