Embracing The Slow Food Movement

The Slow Food Movement is something I have become really interested in lately. The goal of the whole movement is to counteract the effects of fast food and bring back a genuine interest in preparing and cooking food. It has a focus on taste education which aims to promote the rediscovery of the joy of eating by sharing knowledge of where our food is coming from. 

The Slow Food Movement was founded in Italy in 1986 by Carlo Petrini. Now a recognized movement around the world, many countries have opened their own chapters to educate their communities about local foods and availability. Followers of The Slow Food Movement also focus on protecting near extinct crop by showcasing it at local restaurants and creating a demand for it in order to keep in alive and thriving. 

Some objectives of The Slow Food Movement include: 

1. Forming and maintaining seed banks to preserve local crops and food systems

2. Stopping the standardization of taste

3. Promote small scale food processing

4. Taste Education

5. Encouraging ethical buying in local marketplaces 

The benefits of adhering to a movement like this is the promotion of a better quality of life. These days life moves so quickly. We are always on the go. We have a packed day and rarely get a moment to breathe let alone think about what we want for dinner, take the time to thoughtfully purchase the ingredients, and prepare our food. Instead, we opt for fast food that has little to no nutritional value to fuel us. 

The Slow Food Movement focuses on intentional living, promoting biodiversity, minimizing food waste, and promoting sustainable living. It has huge benefits for us environmentalists who deeply care about the preservation of our earth and the promotion of healthier lifestyles. 

One of my favourite proponents of The Slow Food Movement is Alice Waters, the chef who inspired/created the Farm-To-Table Movement and promotes shopping local, choosing food in season, and cooking minimalistically to showcase flavours. 

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