About Us

The Eco Love Collective is a virtual "one stop shop" for all of your eco-friendly and sustainable living needs. Sustainable living is attainable for all of us and our goal is to help make your transition as easy and as fun as possible. 

The Eco Love Collective was created out of a deep desire to create meaningful ecological change at a tangible level. We want to help take the taboo or the "hype" out of being eco-friendly and actually make is a sustainable lifestyle choice. We aim to answer all of your questions, comments, and concerns about eco-friendly products while making them attainable and affordable. 

Our Mission

"To make eco-friendly and sustainable living attainable and fun by providing a wide range of curated products that empower individuals to make healthier lifestyle choices"

The Eco Love Collective features a curated selection of eco-friendly products for your home, day-to-day living, face + body products and so much more. Our products are meant to help you make meaningful sustainability choices without compromising value and integrity. The products we stock come from suppliers who are also committed to living a healthier lifestyle for ourselves and for the environment. From reusable or recyclable packaging to quality materials and ingredients, together we adhere to our commitment to cleaning up and protecting our world. 

A Note From Our Founder