Our Ethos

The Eco Love Collective was created out of a true desire to help create more sustainable lives for ourselves, the earth, the creatures that inhabit the earth, and future generations to come. 

We have four core goals....

(i) Create a healthier life for ourselves and for future generations

We believe in living lives as the best versions of ourselves, using products that nourish us body, mind and soul. Through ensuring that we are living our best lives, we can promote this health and balance in life for generations to come. 

(ii) Protect and clean up the earth

This earth is (currently) the only place we have to live and have spent many years destroying it through the use of chemicals and plastics. The Eco Love Collective is dedicated to help cleaning up the earth by reducing and/or eliminating single use plastics, disposable products, chemical laden health + wellness/cleaning products, etc. 

(iii) Build a more sustainable lifestyle 

Living life sustainably requires changing our current mindset around convenience. Realizing that even our small actions such as bringing your own reusable bags to the grocery store has such a large impact. We may just be one person, but as a collective we have potential to create huge change. 

(iv) Give back to each other, to the community, and to the world

Giving back is so important to us. Whether it be through donation of products, money, time, resources, or anything in between, we believe that as humans, we have a responsibility to help each other live our best lives possible.